Hey! I’m Smruti Ranjan Kar. An engineer by profession and a writer by hobby. Yeah yeah I know, you know many such guys now. However don’t worry, I am not going to bother you with stories of my love life or engineering career 😉 My inclination is towards science, politics and history in terms of reading. I think and write mostly about current affairs in India and the world. Sometimes a poetry here and there. The goal of this blog is to review the books I read and to publish my own writings. Also as a medium of communication with other thinkers far from the social media crowd 🙂

I should also tell you that if you buy a book through the Amazon links I provide, I earn a small commission that goes into buying my next book. Most of the books I have reviewed so far are rated well by me, that’s because I tend to read a bit about the book itself before buying it. So quite often I end up reading good books. Soon I’ll start reading newly written books and update you 🙂 Cheers!

Somewhere in the back of my mind,
there lives a man of another kind,
I live & believe the reality that I see,
Wonder how that blind knows better than me,
I speak, I shout, I laugh all the day,
Wonder how that dumb says more than I say.

Somewhere in the corners of my heart,
he keeps troubling me just like that,
I think to lie, to cheat for what I need,
Wonder how he thinks no need is need indeed,
I want name, I want fame all the way,
Wonder how he throws all my desires away.

Somewhere deep inside this sinful soul,
still are strips of sanity and goodwill,
I try to wash, I try to wipe all of them,
Wonder how they come back like weeds in rain,
I’m human, I’m selfish, I’m rude &mean,
No wonder I wonder how god can be in me.

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